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Artist Uprising Podcast: Interview with The Shootouts

The Shootouts have the perfect band name.

As you listen to one of their songs (say, “Rattlesnake Whiskey,” a fan favorite) your mind will instantly conjure images of gunslingers staring each other down in the center of town. Their style is a seamless blend of honky tonk and classic country that feels both modern and nostalgic. You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve accidentally stumbled upon some hidden gem of a band that you have yet to discover, but nope: The Shootouts have only just begun.

In an exclusive interview on the Artist Uprising podcast, Ryan Humbert, the band’ lead singer and guitarist, tells musician and show host Larry Gee the behind-the-scenes story about how the band came together. Like many musicians, Humbert spent a decade grinding and gigging, working hard to establish his creative career and his artistic identity. He dabbled in the pop and singer-songwriter genres, but for some reason (likely his mellifluous, twangy voice and guitar-lickin’ prowess) his fans and friends always asked him about one style in particular.

“I had a lot of lot of people ask me, ‘Have you ever thought about going country?’” Humbert admits. “And at the time I alway thought, ‘That’s the last thing I want to do: Hop in the bro country category.’”

However, as he tells Gee, “The Shootouts just clicked. We take all of the things that we love, we throw it in the pot, and that’s what makes us The Shootouts.”

Humbert’s wide-ranging conversation with fellow creative Gee touches on everything from the band’s new album to the grit and guts it takes to grind out a career in the arts. Ultimately, the interview is a testament to doing what you love, working hard, and not being afraid to experiment with your creativity.

Listen to the Artist Uprising podcast for this interview and many more with creatives from across the country. To follow The Shootouts and their work, check out their Instagram and website.


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