Artist Spotlight: Abby Cole

"Music was one of the few art forms I hadn't tried, so I thought, 'Why not try it?'"

-Abby Cole

Abby Cole's music is sometimes haunting, sometimes a comfort, yet always interesting. It's also bedroom pop in its purest form: Cole crafts all of her tunes in her bedroom in a Dallas suburb, equipped with not much more than a mic and a love of music. Yet even though she has yet to release a full-length album, she has already garnered some notable fans, including KXT's Amy Miller.

“Abby writes songs that are super vibey and creative, and she has a good ear for melody which we love at KXT," Miller says. "‘Dandelion Wine’ (which Miller played on her "Local Show") is such a beautiful song that I gravitated to right away when I first heard it.”

Cole strives to emulate artists like Grimes, who Cole admires for her often gritty, lo-fi sound and aesthetic.

"Music doesn't have to be perfectly produced," she says, "and Grimes shows that."

Cole is studying film at SMU, and plans to graduate early--December 2020, to be exact. She's not sure if a full-time music career is in the cards, but she does know she'll be doing something creative for as long as she can.

In her own words, "I just like creating stories."

Listen to Abby Cole on Spotify.

Abby Cole in her home studio (aka her bedroom)

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