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Alli K Discusses Her Hustle, Her Artistic Journey, and Staying Mindful While on the Grind

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Photography provided by Alli Koch and Artist Uprising

Alli K wears many hats--literally and figuratively. The stylish artist and author is a multi-talented multi-hyphenate who launched the design company Alli K Design and guided the company to success in her 20s. As an illustrator and muralist, Alli K specializes in captivating, can’t-miss floral designs. Thus far, these designs have filled three books, including Bloom, a coloring book that invites you to fill in some of Alli’s classic floral designs with your own vibrant colors.

Alli also produces her own podcast, so her wide-ranging interview with Artist Uprising came naturally. In this episode, Alli K walks you through her career up until now, the challenges and triumphs she encountered to attain success, and how maintaining that success is an everyday hustle.

“In my head, it’s like, ‘Sprint! Go! Go! Go!"

Between podcasting, writing, drawing and running her business, being Alli K is a full-time job. Still, she is eager to find a balance between staying on her grind and making time for herself.

“It’s a marathon; it’s not a sprint,” she reminds us.

Listen to the full podcast to hear what Alli says about balancing life, work, and art, and learn from her success as a thriving ART-repreneur.




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