Author & Artist Alli K Talks About Avoiding Burnout and Knowing What to Charge

"I don't want to overwhelm myself. It's a marathon, it's not a spring, but in my head, it's like, 'Sprint! Go, go go!'" - Alli K

If you've ever discovered the wonder of an adult coloring book, then you know how oddly soothing and therapeutic they can be. You may have even wondered who was behind these magical gifts. If you've read (well, colored) the remarkable book "Bloom," then you have Alli K to thank.

The ever-talented multi-hyphenate is a podcaster, a wildly successful muralist and the author of several coloring books. Given these many passions and the seemingly endless amount of projects she is working on, we figured Alli K would have something to say about work-life balance--or, better yet, work-art balance. Thankfully, we were right.

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview on the Artist Uprising podcast, Alli K talks about avoiding burnout, how she discovered what to charge her clients as a muralist and artist, and keeping your head above water when it feels like you've taken on way too much.

Listen to the interview, and stay tuned to Artist Uprising for more exclusive interviews with talented artists.

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