Abraham Alexander: "Finding Soul in America"

Photography by: Ryan Littlefield

Growing up in Athens, Greece, Abraham Alexander’s early life was filled with interracial tension amidst a failing economy. Wanting to find new opportunities in the States, the Alexanders moved to Fort Worth where they were able to raise their family surrounded by friends. Thus began the first chapter of Abraham Alexander’s American journey.

Both of Alexander’s parents had musical backgrounds—his mother a singer and his father a guitar player. Attempting to repair a broken relationship with his father at a younger age, Alexander tried his hand at playing the guitar which unfortunately failed as a bonding moment. It took tearing his ACL playing soccer at 25 years old to fall back to music and find the personal salvation it would bring.

“I had friends that kind of encouraged me to keep going,” Alexander said. “One of them was an artist himself. There were Leon Bridges, Brandon Marcel, and a good buddy, Jonathan Bell, who is also an amazing photographer. They always encouraged and pushed me. In that whole process, I found that creating new music brought what I felt to life.”

It was the influence Alexander needed to not only...



You can find Abraham working on his creative processes at Common Desk or at the Belmont Hotel alongside other Dallas musicians.





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