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A.U Artist Curation: 5 Neon Artists You Must Know

If you follow us on Instagram, you've seen our A.U Artist Curation where we bring you our 5 picks for creatives really establishing themselves in their industry. This week, our Creative Director of Art, Emma Daisy, is bringing you 5 neon artists from around the world that are on the rise. Check them out below:

Meryl Pataky

Born in South Florida, Meryl Pataky fell in love with sculptures for their tactile nature while studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She dabbles in many mediums but is most known for her neon creations. Her work is deeply connected with the materials she uses, from noble gases to metals and organics.

Teresa Escobar

Teresa Escobar is a New York-based neon artist originally from Mexico. Her work is an expression of her emotions and life experience. As an ocean lover, many of her pieces are installed at the beach. She represents the unique beauty of women through her depictions of the female body.

Megan Stelljes

Megan Stelljes uses art as a way to express the movement of her values and emotions through changing social scenes. Fruits are a common element frequently seen in her pieces. The cultural contrast between her conservative Midwest upbringing and her looser community in the Pacific Northwest sets the scene for the sexual undertones throughout her artwork.

Karen Chankalun

Karen Chankalun is the only female neon artist in Hong Kong. She aims to increase awareness and enrich female empowerment in the male dominant neon industry. Her heritage and culture shine through many of her pieces. She works with neon artists all across the globe from Hong Kong to the Netherlands.

Rebecca Mason

Based in the UK, Rebecca Mason uses her neon art to express the darkness within human life, existence, and emotion. She is known for her detailed and distinctive quasi-poetic creations. Her distinctive style often incorporates typed text backgrounds that reflect a certain theme.

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