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6 DFW Artists Perfect For Your Home feat. Real Estate Agent Stephen Lewis

At Artist Uprising, we curate art for bands, businesses and people. In other words, we have a lot in common with innovative real estate agent Stephen Lewis, whose sole goal is helping you find a space you love. Today, we let Stephen take over our blog to share some artists he thinks are perfect for your home.

This abstract artist creates vibrant, joy-filled work that brightens up any living space. Roma's pieces are colorful enough to stand out, yet simple enough to showcase the elegance of art. The mission behind her artwork is to inspire others on their own personal journey. Pieces come in various color schemes and sizes, making them perfect for different aesthetics within your home.

O’Brian is a young, self-taught visual artist who is very passionate about what goes into each painting. His artwork is rooted in Afro inspiration, using elements of beads, jewels, and other materials to create one-of-a-kind cultural pieces. Each piece has a story to tell, which makes for great conversation with guests.

Diego is an artist and illustrator who blends genres of art together in mixed media fashion, and always makes sure to include precision and realism at a high level. Think pop, graffiti, and art all mixed together. If you’re going for an Andy Warhol or modern New York lofty vibe in your home, consider one of his pieces. It’s eye-catching for visitors and reminiscent of your favorite icons.

Looking for more of a mural? Arjoon KC creates pieces of artwork from ink and acrylic on drywall. Most of his pieces feature locations from across the world and famous works of art, like the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. His work ranges from paintings, murals, installations, and interior design, so you can cover any space of your house (no matter how big or small) with custom artworks.

As an artist, storyteller, traveler, photographer, and humanitarian, Matt’s work is a reflection of his life experiences and people he’s interacted with around the world. If you’re into contemporary, experimental art, you’ll want to put his works on your list. It’s ideal for neutral-toned walls as a pop of color.

This artist focuses on illustration and lettering, and specializes in portrait, fashion, and event illustration, celebrating empowerment and storytelling. Her art pieces offer a modern edge with feminine hues and intentional lines to capture women in solidarity and unity. If you’re looking to add a feminine touch to spaces throughout your home, her art is right up your alley.


Art relieves stress. In addition to bringing some calm to your space, adding works of art to your home can confer all kinds of benefits. If you’re looking to sell, it adds value to the marketability by showcasing a potential homebuyer how they could decorate a space.

For those looking into buying or purchasing a home, my platform HomematchX is perfect for showcasing art you have or want to have in your home. Plus, the dream board feature allows you to add photos of the vision you have for your home. So, next time you’re putting together a vision, keep the above artists in mind.

If you want to curate art for your home, remember to contact Artist Uprising. We'll connect you to the perfect artist for your space and vision.


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