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  • Written by: Seysei

5 Creative Ways to Stand Out in your Genre

There are many genres in music nowadays that make it seem difficult to distinguish one artist from another. However, striking that gold means successfully achieving the ultimate goal of standing out. It takes some strategy and originality, which is nothing new to my craft as a Dallas-based pop artist. I was born in India, so I strive to be one of the first up and coming pop-female acts to represent South East Asian audiences both overseas and locally in the mainstream vein.

Born in India and bred in the U.S, Seysei is one of the first up and coming pop-female-acts to represent South East Asian audiences both here and overseas in the mainstream vein. A triple threat as a singer, musician and dancer, she matches pop-sensibilities with her warrior spirit in her songwriting. She grew up classically and performed often in the Dallas Children's Choir where she sang for President George Bush Jr and was able to grace venues like Carnegie Hall. Becoming her own artist, by 2008, she started to curate and headline her own pop-tours within India, playing in major cities and holding single crowds of over 4000 people.

She quickly built a buzz in her home state of Nagaland and performed for the chief ministers. She also opened for native legendary acts like Methaneilie and held the stage during their renowned Hornbill Festival. Now armed with her own ammo of original singles, she has been peaking the attention of audiences from all over with her self-directed music videos which have collected over 250K streams in a couple weeks.

I am thrilled to share from my experiences on what I believe it takes to stand out in our overly-saturated field these days as a creative.

5 Ways to Stand Out in your Genre:

Have an “Icon” mentality - Stop thinking about how everybody else is doing things and pave your own path. Make sure to put it into practice right now. I have found being the artist I am has given me a lot of space to create my own opportunities and do things in ways that aren’t commonly seen in the music game here. Such as incorporating a Bollywood dance break in my sets or a henna tattoo artist. Make something that is true to you work for you.

Create a unique style and brand - By digging into your roots and past influences. Those are things that you have been bred by and are usually true to the real you. Our fondest memories are chock-full of vivid imagery and emotion. Help your audience feel what you feel when you think about those memories by wearing them and displaying them on your sleeve. You are a movie and your audience is watching, so keep them captivated.

Have a diverse way to perform - Many artists have trouble finding ways to get themselves out there because they feel limited by different things. Dallas is such a diverse city - in order to show face it’s good to have an ammo of different types of sets. A DJ set, an acoustic set, a dance set. If you want to have interpretive dancers or spoken word in your it. There will be a place for it.

Make a museum out of yourself. Treat all your social platforms like a museum. Each post is an exhibit. Do you want to put trash in a museum and leave everything looking cluttered and unprofessional? Probably not. Don’t post just to post - people are paying you with their time and attention so make it worth their while

Tip: Go to a couple of your favorite pages - what do you like about them? You don’t have to be a graphic artist to create good content.

Be about something. When you stand for something: a cause, a place, a dream. Voice it. Nobody ever cared about an artist that didn’t have an opinion. This is something I had to grown into. On the inside I didn’t want to be an obnoxious singer who felt so strongly about a cause she had to hold up a protest sign to get noticed, but my perception changed over time and I found there are things close to my heart that I DO want to talk about and I can still be myself. This is a great way to stay supported - because your music is a platform for change.

Implement these five tactics into your artistry and you will find success in your own way. It’s also inevitable that you will stand out.

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