These Millennial Women Want A Seat At The Corporate Table & They're Helping Each Other Get T

Photography by Isha Gaines

Have you ever sat in your cube thinking, how do I get a promotion and will I ever be like the CMO I aspire? Or found yourself working at a coffee shop wondering, how do I monetize my passion and is my side hustle possible to be my full-time gig?

Well, you are not alone. I was there with you sitting at my corporate gig asking myself the same questions and more like why doesn’t anyone look like me, sound like me or come from where I came from? Do I have imposter syndrome?

This is where Boss Women Who Brunch blossomed from an idea into reality. Boss Women Who Brunch help the millennial woman believe in her purpose, passions and dig deep to find her gifts.

Photography by Isha Gaines

We connect with two types of women: the corporate gal and the side hustler. We expose her to the boss women who have moved the ranks in corporate and are sitting at the table with their head peers. These are boss women who have created and established successful businesses, waiting to invite our community to the table and pour into them. Ultimately, Boss Women Who Brunch was created to help connect women together who want more.

Yeah, we can do it on our own, but the ride is better when you have a boss woman rooting for you.

Community is the blueprint for women to achieve more. We are focused on helping women create a tribe of like-minded BOSS WOMEN in their life through experiential events. Plus, who doesn’t love talking about world domination over a cocktail in a cute outfit? We encourage our community to believe in the power of herself, create meaningful connections, but most importantly, go confidently in the direction of her dreams!

Don’t miss our upcoming event on June 23rd Corporate Women Unite: How to 9 and Thrive in Corporate, that will connect our corporate gals to boss women. Click here to grab your ticket to start achieving your career goals.

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