Echoes Within the Sound: SUDIE and Her Many Voices

Photography by: @felaraymond

A woman of many places and sounds, Sudie takes her psychedelic and mellow music to the Dallas area.

Sudie was born in the state of Florida then moved to Texas, to Atlanta, Dubai for high school then back to Texas to attend university at Southern Methodist University (2013).

When she was just four-years-old in Keller, Sudie began as a solo artist. Throughout her life she has been involved in music theater, acting, jazz, dance and writing her own music. Sudie would perform outside of her school for fun. At university, Sudie found herself performing opera.

Without a definite genre, Sudie describes her music as “experimental.”

“I like to hear what other people think it is,” Sudie said. “I leave it to their interpretation.”

Sudie has dipped herself into country, pop, rock, jazz, music theatre, opera, indie, underground, and old school.

As you listen to Sudie's music, you hear how her voice echoes and how the rhythm creates a pattern between the long ripple effect of the voices.

Photography by: Lauren Withrow

Sudie’s music is inspired by Nina Simone, Brian Wilson and Bjork. Simone contributes to Sudie’s aesthetic with her vocal performance, Wilson for his song-writing and Bjork for her performance and production.

“I love how she [Bjork] ties music into her fashion,” Sudie said.

The story behind Sudie’s influence by Bjork was when she was 13. Sudie and her mother passed Medula (Bjork’s store). Sudie's mother heard Bjork’s music with its all voice composition and thought it was “so weird.”

“That was a defining point in my career,” Sudie said. Bjork opened my mind to not just being in a box."

Sudie’s music comes from personal experiences and how she has perceived them.

Photography by: Lauren Withrow

“Music is like my diary, It's how I express myself," Sudie said.

Sudie not only is a musician, she has been a producer for six years. She has produced her own music and for other artists. Sudie is proud to have made a name for herself in the community, played shows, bought the equipment she needs, to have made a living off of what she does and to be able to express herself with the support of her friends and family.

Goals Sudie has set for the future is to continue her work in music. She looks to release two EPs and have a secret project released as well. Fans can expect Sudie to be traveling in the near future. Check out her latest EP PRISM and more on SoundCloud. If you want to keep up with Sudie, go to her personal website and/or various social media pages.


Twitter: @sudiemusic

Instagram: @sudiemusic

YouTube: Sudie

Soundcloud: Sudie

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